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Advocates & Legal Consultants, a leading UAE founded in 1998 by Chairman Yusuf Mohamed Ibrahim Al Maazmi Since its establishment, Advocates & Legal Consultants succeeded in attracting an elite group of legal professional who combine impressive academic qualifications in all fields of law in addition to long practical and professional expertise and career history, giving them distance advantage in dealing with all types of lawsuits and legal issues to provide the highest degrees of protection to the clients’ rights and interests whether the client is a natural or a legal personality. Our services may begin before the client engages in civil or commercial activities and during and after the execution of such activities.

Before the client engages in civil or commercial activities, Advocates & Legal Consultants is capable of furnishing the client with legal advice and consultations and assisting client in incorporating and registering various types of companies and establishments in addition to the issuance of the licenses needed to engage in commercial, industrial or civil activities.

We also assist our clients to establish legal frameworks for the client’s relationship with third parties by attending negotiations and discussions meetings at the request of the client, drafting contracts and agreements and insuring the same are consistent with local laws and international treaties and fir the client’s circumstances and needs.

We also review contracts to provide the clients with the legal opinion on the terms and provisions of such contracts.

During and after the engagement of our client in business operations, Advocates & Legal Consultants may use our services for the legal monitoring of the performance of obligations and protection of rights, through, for example without limitation, serving legal notices and warnings and responding to the same and the legal supervision of the client’s relationships with third parties such as employees, managers, tenants, clients, banks, insurance companies, as well as, the registration of trade names and marks, intellectual property rights and the protection of such rights, tracking debtors and debt collection and countering defaulting debtors with the appropriate provisional procedures, in addition to the recovery and defense of the client’s rights in the occasion of any infringement or breach of contractual or legal obligations, and terminating the civil, commercial or industrial activities in accordance with the applicable laws whether through liquidation, dissolution or bankruptcy.

It is worth noting that Advocates & Legal Consultants is an expert in dealing with all kinds of liability lawsuits whether contractual, default or criminal and whether such lawsuits are filed by the client or against the client by any legal or natural private or public person and in relation to any commercial, industrial or civil activity.

Advocates & Legal Consultants assists clients through representing clients before police stations, the public prosecution, all types and digress of federal or local courts (first instance, appeal, and cassation) as well as, district courts, judicial and arbitration tribunals and commissions in relation to civil, commercial, criminal, labor, real estate, lease lawsuits, etc…

Our services do not stop at obtaining verdicts, decisions and orders on various lawsuits, claims and motions, as give considerable attention to the execution services for the purpose of enforcing any verdicts or awards made in favor of our clients. The focus on execution law stems from realizing its importance to the client since execution and enforcement is viewed the distinctive mark that differentiates among different s given that execution and enforcement represents the fruit of the ’s efforts in protecting and recovering the clients’ rights and is the only procedure that is directly tangible by the client, and also given the fact the any shortcoming in execution or enforcement strips all the ’s efforts from content and thwarts the clients’ hope to recover their rights in due time and avoiding

losses due to prolonged litigation. Therefore, Advocates & Legal Consultants has a dedicated execution and enforcement division employing an an adequate number of dedicated cadres and professionals for the purpose of following up on the execution and enforcement of verdicts and recovering the clients’ rights pursuant to executable and enforceable verdicts, decisions or orders in the shortest time possible.

Advocates & Legal Consultants also boasts long and in depth experience in Islamic Law and the related personal status legal procedures such as estates, marriage, divorce, alimony, custody, etc… Advocates & Legal Consultants makes sure it is continuously up to date with all the developments in this branch of law and continues to accumulate more experience by the virtue of the many personal status and Islamic law lawsuits accepted by the firm.


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